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  • Kyle Hill

Home Lab - Post-Deployment Configuration

In the previous post, we went through the process of deploying our Azure Stack HCI cluster. In this post, we are going to focus on some post-deployment configuration to unlock some additional functionality. We will get started with the Windows Admin Center where our newly deployed cluster is now represented. Connect to the cluster as highlighted:

You will be presented with an overview dashboard as follows:

Let's begin by registering our Witness for the cluster by clicking on 'Settings' and then 'Witness' as follows:

For my deployment, I am going to use a File Share Witness and store it on my Hyper-V host as per the below:

Clicking on the 'Save' button with validate the path and bring the Witness online as highlighted below:

Once that is completed, we can navigate back to the Dashboard and from there we can not that the cluster is not registered with Azure as highlighted below:

Clicking on the register button will enable a fly-out where you can specify the Region and Resource Groups to be used for the registration. Complete those with your details and then click 'Register':

Once the registration process begins, you will be returned to the dashboard and present with a registration progress visual:

Once this completes successfully, you will see the confirmation of this on your Dashboard:

Finally, you can go and check the Resource Group you specified earlier and particularly, the Azure Arc resources that have been registered as per the below:

Amazing! You now have an Azure Stack HCI cluster ready for use with the required post-deployment configuration steps completed. Watch out for the next post where add in our VMWare installation into Azure Arc to have complete coverage of our Home Lab infrastructure.



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