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During my career I have often heard that things are too difficult to achieve. This almost always results in me setting myself a personal challenge. The goal being to try and create a simple solution to the problem using the tools and technologies in ways other than directed! While this may seem like a bit of a cavalier approach, everything I do is within the guidelines of product specifications and supported mechanisms. 

These personal challenges are usually quite difficult and I tend to learn huge amounts about some new technologies and features as well as some things about myself. It can often be frustrating to try and getting something working when there is limited documentation and examples around and I do not always have the required skills which can be a major obstacle.

Regardless, the blog has come about through my desire to share these experiences with others and hopefully illustrate some creative and meaningful ways that technology (particularly the Microsoft stack and Dynamics 365) can be used to address everyday scenarios that are often deemed too complex or out of reach. 

During my exploits, I have achieved some things which I'm proud to display below: 

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