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  • Kyle Hill

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Portals Solution Update

Microsoft recently announced some changes to the way in which security is going to be handled in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. You can read about it here.

This has quite a profound impact not least of which is the Portal component in Dynamics 365. To this end, I thought it relevant to see how we can mitigate this risk by upgrading a Dynamics 365 to the latest version to ensure that the change does not effect the portal adversely.

So let's go about it. First, log into the Office 365 portal. You should see this:

Select the 'Admin' tile from the dashboard and then you should see this:

Expand the 'Admin centers' drop down in the left hand menu structure like this:

Select 'Dynamics 365' from the drop down list and you should then be presented with this:

Make sure you select the correct Dynamics 365 instance (I only have one) and the select the icon next to the Solutions text in the middle of the page and you should see this:

You can then see a number of solutions that have updates. Select one of the portal solutions that has a status of 'Upgrade available' and you should then see this:

Click on the icon above the 'UPGRADE' text and you should then see this:

Read the terms of service and then click on the 'Upgrade' button which should return you to the solutions page like this:

You should now notice that the solution you upgraded now has a status of 'Installation pending'. Keep refreshing the page until the status changes to 'Installed' which indicates that the process is completed.

*Note: during this process, I had to install the following solution before I could update my other portal solutions:Dynamics 365 Portals – Base Portal . This also took quite a while to complete!

That should be all there is to it! Remember that it is a good idea to regularly check your solutions for updates so that you can keep up to date with functionality. Be aware that you should run this process through a set of test environments before rolling it out to your production environments to ensure that the changes don't effect any other elements of your environments and solutions.

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